Mod Cold Press Juicer (Silver) + Health Bundle

Inspiring, patent pending dual pressing technology is showcased in the new release Mod Cold Press Juicer.

It's all possible with Mod.

Combining style with award winning features including wide mouth chute and 65rpm super quiet operation. Retains double the nutrients and extracts twice the juice of traditional juicers.

Mod Cold Press Juicer (Silver)  + Health Bundle

€362 inc. BTW

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Mod Cold Press Features

Wide mouth chute

Save time! Pop your produce in whole or with minimal chopping.

Super quiet juicing

Quiet operation allows you to juice in peace whatever the time of day.

Supercharge your nutrients

State of the art, 65 rpm technology retains twice as many essential nutrients.

Extract double the juice

High performance motor delivers more juice to your glass plus super dry pulp to use in other recipes.

Sorbet and plant milks

Multifunctional blank attachment also allows you to create an array of healthy plant based treats.

Easy to clean

Gone are the days of slaving away at the kitchen sink. Clean up takes mere minutes.

Devours all fruit and vegetables

Anyone for celery juice? Mod is perfect for this and all other produce: from the leafy to the stringy and tough and everything in between.

Multi-award winning

Awarded "Juicer of the Year" for 2017-2020, with good reason!



Preserves your nutrients

BPA free

For healthy juicing

240w motor

Superior power and efficiency

Built to last

5 year parts and 20 year motor warranty

21.6in x 8.6in x 5.9in | 16.5lb

Dimensions and weight

Duel pressing action

Mod's patent pending techcnology

50DB max sound level

Super quiet operation

30 day money back

Mod satisfaction guarantee

In the Box

Mod Cold Press Juicer
Fine Filter
Cleaning Brush
2 x Juicing Jugs
Jug Strainer

Bonus Health Bundle

Sorbet Maker
Health Plan + Recipes
Mod Juice Flask
Digital Juice Cleanse
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