Our Story

MOD Appliances is a Melbourne born and Australian owned lifestyle brand created by a group of friends and wellness enthusiasts. In addition to sharing a passion for health, we held a belief that a healthy lifestyle shouldn't be hard to achieve, nor should it be complicated. We knew that high-quality, easy-to-use appliances could play an important role in improving diet and general wellbeing.

Too often, however, we found that such appliances were accompanied by either a high price tag or a compromise on quality. MOD was created to revolutionise this.

In 2015 we proudly launched the MOD Cold Press Juicer. Unlike traditional juicers, it boasted benchtop worthy good looks, reduced preparation time for the user and offered maximum nutrient and juice extraction. It was robust, easy to use and reasonably priced.

Fast-track half a decade and an armful of awards later, and our MOD Appliances brand has expanded around the globe, via our warehouses in Melbourne, America, New Zealand and across Europe.

We have added a collection of other wellness products to our name too, including the MOD Blend Pro, and eco-friendly accessories such as our kombucha kit, coconut bowls, eco straw sets and so much more!

At MOD, we understand the powerful impact of community on health, so you will find us sharing recipes, tips and inspiration on our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube channels. Plus for all MOD Cold Press Juicer customers, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to our private Facebook community where we hold regular live Q&A sessions on health topics and hold seasonal health challenges designed to inspire and encourage. 

So wherever you are following us, we can’t wait to continue to share our journey with you!

Awarded Best Juicer 2017-2022 and Best Blender 2020 by ProductReview.com.au